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Enough is enough

People are angry at the political class in general and the government in particular. The reason for anger is obvious. The toothless, spineless and rudderless leadership that we have had to suffer over the years, has resulted in glaring holes within the internal security of the nation. This has put at risk, our fundamental right to live with human dignity (as against living in constant fear and helplessness), something that Article 21 of our Constitution guarantees.

The need of the hour is to crystallize the people's emotions into a mass movement powerful enough to shock the politicians into realizing that we will no longer suffer at the expense of political inaction, ineptness or vote-bank politics.

Today, there will be mass rallies organized at Gateway of India, Mumbai and India Gate, New Delhi at 6 PM. These will not be peace marches where candles are lit in silence. A draft manifesto has been prepared jointly by Rahul Mehra, a Supreme Court advocate and Prem Panicker, Mumbai based journalist.. This draft manifesto contains details of what exactly we mean when we say "enough is enough". It also attempts to lay down a set of steps that the people may want to resort to until the government agrees to wake up. Broadly speaking, the draft manifesto contains the broad outlines of a Non Co-operation movement. It is this manifesto which will be discussed at the rallies.

To check this draft manifesto out, you can go to where the link to the actual manifesto is provided. The above link to the Digg page where you can "Digg" this news.

A couple of other articles that talk about the above mentioned rallies are available below...

If you can attend and if you believe in the cause, please try to attend the rally at Gateway of India today at 6PM.

Update [03 Dec 2008, 15:50]: The latest update is there are reports that Mumbai police will prevent assembly of greater than 5 people near the Gateway of India (effectively a ban on rallies). However while NDTV says that such a ban is in force, Prem Panicker checked with Police control and has been advised that section 144 is not in force which means there is no curfew of any sorts. There is of course, no confirmation yet one way or the other. But for the latest on this, you can keep following Prem Panicker on Twitter.
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