Arun Shanbhag (arunshanbhag) wrote in mumbai,
Arun Shanbhag

Mumbai Blasts: Day 2 Live Blogging

Update: ~ 6:45 - 7:00 am:Indian Time; Friday Nov 28th
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Was tossing and turning since 5 this morning; Sky was still dark. Finally got up, and checked Online; Walked up to the Terrace to see the TAJ! IT IS STILL THERE! ~ 6:45 am

The dome which was burning last night is nearly all gone! The base of the dome still appears to be aflame! Little smoke;
taj burning mumbai blasts

A wider angle view taking in the Taj-Intercontinental!
taj burning mumbai blasts

Update from about 7 pm!
Commandos rappelling onto Nariman Bldg; Shot from my terrace!
commando insertion Nariman Bldg

Pics of Commando Insertion on Nariman Bldg! Please keep checking here for latest updates!

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