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13 Dangerous Days of Monsoon

Following a newspaper tip:
The US Embassy has identified 13 days most likely to lead to flooding in Mumbai, during the monsoons.

This info is important for all Mumbaikars (not just US citizens), and the City Government should have been disseminating this info in the first place, rather than planning and sniping about a statue in the sea!

Excerpted from an email sent to registered US citizens. See the entire note from the Consulate here

During the monsoon, most flooding occurs during high tide. Mumbai's drainage system is designed to run off into the Arabian Sea. If a major storm occurs during high tide, the rainfall backs up and flooding occurs. Particular concern should be paid during the days listed in the table below. During these 13 days, high tide is expected to raise water levels over four meters (13 feet) and, if there is heavy rain, the possibility of the city flooding is very high. Sluice gates, which funnel floodwaters from the city to the sea, are also closed on these days, increasing the possibility of flooding if there are heavy rains. Please be alert if there are heavy rains during the afternoons.

13 Dangerous Days of Monsoon

Date Time Ht of Wave (meters)

2 July 2008 1152 hours 4.57
3 July 2008 1237 hours 4.74
4 July 2008 1325 hours 4.83
5 July 2008 1410 hours 4.84
6 July 2008 1454 hours 4.75
7 July 2008 1537 hours 4.57
1 Aug 2008 1220 hours 4.68
2 Aug 2008 1302 hours 4.8
3 Aug 2008 1341 hours 4.79
4 Aug 2008 1420 hours 4.65
30 Aug 2008 1158 hours 4.59
31 Aug 2008 1220 hours 4.66
1 Sep 2008 1307 hours 4.58

We will be in Mumbai during some of these days.

Arun Shanbhag

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