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Hot Stock tip follows....

* It’s a bull market if you’ve woken up this morning with the feeling: "Thank god, it is Monday!"

* It’s a bull market if the analyst takes a deep breath, runs his mind quickly across 1985, 1992, 2000 and says, "But it is different this time."

* It’s a bull market if you’re suddenly discovered on the social circuit because you happen to be the husband of the wife who is a niece of the person who was a friend of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s father 30 years ago.

* It’s a bull market if a Rs 10 crore profit becomes a Rs 15 crore profit quarter-on-quarter and you sneer dismissively, "Kuch ho nahin raha hai!"

* It’s a bull market when you ask why Prism Cement will go to Rs 81 and the answer is ‘Kyonki website pey likha hain’.

* It’s a bull market when you read a column like this and say, "What? No tip?" and hiss that your time was bloody wasted.
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