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SMS Span worse than email spam?

Do you agree that SMS spam is worse than email spam?
If yes, how about an idea that your service provider spams you as if it's desperately trying to make money to stay in the business?

I received 11 spam SMS from reliance during the period of 20 days (19 August to 8 September).
Here are the messages I received and I will like to clarify to the marketing team at reliance who are so fascinated of selling special mobile numbers like 9323933333 and marriage counselling services that I am interested in none. Please do your homework before sending SMS messages. This may be free of cost to you since you own the network and have the database of all mobile numbers, but it disturbs me while I am working/ traveling. I have to read the message to see if it's not an important private message and after reading this junk, I have to delete it immediately to free memory that takes another minute or so.
I hope I have made myself clear enough and request the service providers to stop spamming their own customers.

Win Swift Car as Mega prize & Motorola RAZR phone every week. Dial 1234848 and set any Tune as MyTunes. Call Charges Rs. 6/min. Reliance.
Message from: 3600
Sat 08 Sep 12:55

Dear Reliance Customer reduce your call rates! WIth Rs.59 STV the Local call to Reliance mobile at 50p/min. Other local at Re1/min
Message from: 51232
Tue 4 Sep 17:23

Hi, Main Raju Srivastav, kal se aa raha hoon BIG 92.7FM pe. Ab aapki Morning bhag daud banegi BIG Joke! Suniye mujhe har Mon-Sat. 7-10am.
Message from: 51232
Sun 02 Sep 18:54

Koi hota jisko apna hum apna keh lete yaaron? Toh dhoondiye usse! SMS keejiye LOVERMETER to 54545 Rs 3 per sms.
Message from: 51232
Sun 02 Sep 15:38

Dear Reliance Customer Topup with Rs.100 & above in next 5days & get Rs50 extra on net talk time & 10sms free in 7 days
Message from: 51232
Sun 02 Sep 10:46

As per Govt policy SMS codes must start with 5 for all operators & vendors. Pls add 5 to all SMS codes (Ex. 1234 changes to 51234). Reliance
Message from: 51232
Sat 01 Sep 09:32

Mr.J S Patel won VIP No 9323933333.You can win VIP No 9323999000.Just quote the lowest&most unique bid.Call 51234214(Rs10/min) Hurry.Reliance
Message from: 1232
Wed 29 Aug 09:01

Kya aap dhoond rahe hai ek jeevan saathi?Is kaam ko assan karenge humare expert Marriage counselor.Dial kijiye 51234055(Rs.6/min) . Reliance.
Message from: 1232
Sun 26 Aug 10:10

Dear Reliance Customer Get Discount on upgrading old h/s to new.Visit Reliance store at S V Rd Opp Ayesha tower Jogeshwari-W on 25&26Aug
Message from: 1232
Sat 25 Aug 09:38

You can now have the VIP mobile no 9323933333 by quoting the lowest & most unique price.Call 51234214(Rs 10/min) & place your bid.
Message from: 1232
Sun 19 Aug 11:54

Set Hanuman Chalisa as your MyTunes. SMS HCH to 6060(Rs 3/sms).Sub chgs Rs30/30 days & Rs 15/tune for 90 days. Reliance.
Message from: 1232
Sun 19 Aug 08:22
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